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Ratio of Fungi: Bacteria | A Road Map to the Use of the Soil Food Web

Succession Chart

What are we trying to grow? Vegetable? Shrub, Tree, Rye grass, corn, cotton, roses? Or…?

Study the chart and find what you want to grow and then note the ratio of fungi:bacteria required for that particular type of plant. That is the target we are aiming for when helping you take care of your land. How the soil foodweb is influenced to be the fungal:bacterial ratio you want depends on what kind of soil community is already there, your cultural practices, past cultural practices and, what grew there long ago (100-200 years ago).

Once we determine what kind of soil community we are trying to influence, we can begin to build our compost supply one way or the other to get it ready for our custom spray blends...

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Does Soil Biology Influence Soil Chemistry? Yes, It Does!

Johnson-Landview property

By Betsy Ross

Working with landowners in Texas, we’ve found that soil biology amendments can “shift” or alter nutrient values on a soil chemistry test. The following case study provides details on site conditions, the sequence of soil sampling and biology treatments, and soil test data.

Our company, Sustainable Growth Texas, LLC, uses bio-spray field treatments to help restore life in the soil.  Many of our clients are rural landowners in Texas with pasture lands.  Our motto is “better soil, better life”.

Project Site: The site had sandy loam soil and was located in Gonzales County, Texas.  The landowners had signed up for an EQUIP program from their local NRCS office.  They had just finished clearing heavy understory brush among Post Oak trees.

Here is the sequence of events:


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