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City Hall Natural Lawn Project, Houston, Texas

spacerMore and more public institutions are turning to natural systems to protect their water supply and to reduce costs. The City of Houston is no exception. In fact, they are leaders in taking care of special spots around the city organically. SGTX has been helping them for several years now.

Boots walking is the theme in front of City Hall, Houston.

Always a changing scene (The work of the talented Parks & Recreation Department), the lawn in front of the Houston City Hall gets lots of heavy foot traffic – festivals, ceremonies, public happenings. The lawn and seating area are much healthier now and able to hold up and bounce back quicker under heavy use. Beautiful old azeales are blooming magnificantly. Thank you, City of Houston, for letting us be on your team!

Beautiful, robust azales in response to the Soil Food Web.

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TXDoT’s Organic Major Thoroughfares Tree Project

Danny Phillips of SGTX foliar spraying a portion of the trees along HWY 59 in Houston, Texas.spacer

Total Trees injected in Houston: 123,034 and counting!

We want the trees to quickly establish in sub-standard, harsh roadside ground and grow vigorously.The trees are injected with biological innoculants, including mycorrhizal fungi soon after planting. Then specially formulated bio-stimulation blends are foliar applied 3 times over the next 1.5 years. Take a look at ectomycorrhizal growing as a consequence of SGTX tree injections.

Vibrant color for both trees and wildflowers along Houston's Hwy 59 portion that SGTX worked.

spacerWildflowers were also planted along the highways. While SGTX works with both Liquid Compost Extract (LCE) and Aerated Compost tea, we prefer the use of LCE in this type of situation. We believe the sheer vibrancy of color and number of species responding are much greater with the use of LCE.

Hats off to the TXDOT’s Houston Area Landscape Architects! It takes ...

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