Soil Food Web – The Missing Link in Fertility?

Soil Food Web

Soil that is Alive! We are looking for thousands and thousands of these critters of the soil foodweb in our soils which function as natural systems.

When we augment the biology in your soil, our supply comes from stripping them off high quality compost in the form of Liquid Compost Extract (LCE) with our extractor. The better the compost, the better the LCE and the better the soil results.

Understanding the soil food web is critical to building a functioning eco system that holds onto water, allows plant roots to probe deep into the under-ground world, cycles nutrients, detoxifies, sequesters carbon, builds organic matter, humus and top soil.

Understanding the dominance and ratio of fungi to bacteria is critical to matching under-ground communities with above ground plant communities.

If you want to read up on soil biology, see SGTX’s Biological Understanding of Soil Improvement; as well as the Soil Biology Primer.

Also check out our Resource Area Guide that can help you with a focused internet search.