Lawn Care Service

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Sustainable Growth Texas is a full service organic lawn fertilization company that is safe, chemical-free and earth friendly. All you have to worry about is mowing and watering your lawn. We take care of the rest.

Our services include:

Annual Lawn Treatment Program

We provide organic treatments throughout the year, timed with the season and designed to meet your landscape’s needs. No contract is required. With this program we also include our insect, disease and weed control solutions at no extra cost!

This service starts at $25 per 1,000 square feet for each visit, with a minimum of $85. We offer a pre-payment discount. On-line and ACH payment options are available.

Custom Fertilization Options for Lawns:
SGTX applies custom blends of soil microbes, humus and nutrients to match the plant you want to grow. Working with Mother Nature, the  goal is to build a functioning eco-system that moves energy and vibrancy within your lawn area.

These SGTX custom blends are based on the type of turf, shrubs and trees within your lawn. The level of soil and plant life, its quality and vibrancy as well as seasonal and variable weather conditions are all important when providing custom blends.

Specialized Services

Insect Control

We offer targeted treatment for insects that cause damage to grass, shrubs, and trees 15 feet and under. We have treatments for fire ants, aphids, scale, spider mites, whiteflies, chinch bugs, sod webworms, and grub worms. Ask us about any other pest insect issues or request a free assessment.

Disease Control

We are experts in providing effective treatment to eliminate common diseases on your grass, shrubs and trees 15 feet and under, including brown patch, take-all patch, black spot, and powdery mildew

Weed Control

Our organic fertility treatments promote a robust, healthy lawn that naturally reduces weed populations in your grass. This resistance to weeds improves over time. For more immediate results, and while your lawn health is improving, we offer two options for weed treatment:

1. Organic Weed Control-We will spot-treat with a non-selective organic-approved herbicide to control weeds
2. Chemical Weed Control-We can use selective and pre-emergent herbicides to control weeds

Compost Top Dressing (New-Extended Service)

This is the best way to jump start your lawn organically. Composting increases microbial life and activity, builds soil structure, reduces watering needs, fights disease, and breaks down thatch. With this service we aerate and apply a layer of the best quality (read: living!) compost to your lawn.

Extended Services – Ask Us About:

  • Soil Tests and Soil Biology Tests with our expert interpretation and recommendations
  • Core Aeration
  • Deep-Root Feeding of Trees and Shrubs

To learn more about any of our programs or treatments or to get started, call Hunter (512) 800-2964 for the Austin Area or Clay (936) 232-5739 for the Houston Area. We assess your yard for free and give you a quote for natural soil fertility care for your yard.

We see our job, as lawn care professionals, as facilitators of the educational process for the ‘chemical free’ industry, as well as taking ‘sterling’ care of your lawn. We often teach classes at your favorite organic soil amendment hub.