SGTX’s Liquid Compost Extract (LCE)

LCE Extractor

Putting life back into the soil is paramount in developing natural growing systems.

One of Sustainable Growth Texas’s basic tools in replenshing life and promoting natural growing systems is the blending of liquid compost extract, biological inoculants, microbial foods, and trace elements to make a complete bio-spray for custom application to farms and ranches. We use a patented machine called the Hronek Flow-Thru Compost Extractor to strip the biology from top quality compost, thus making liquid compost extract, or LCE.

The process is analogous to a washing machine that strips beneficial micro-organisms (Life: bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes) out of compost and results in a dark liquid compost solution that can be sprayed on soils and crops. LCE has the biological benefits of compost, without the bulk. Soil that is alive has thousands and millions of these critters. We need them all and then some!

Compost extractors arose out of the modern compost tea industry and are considered the next evolution. There are now about a half dozen compost extractors on the market, including batch and flow-thru models. The Hronek flow-thru extractor was the first patented extractor. With modifications, it is capable of producing 3,000 gallons of LCE per hour.

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