Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services

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Whether you are on large or small acreage and whatever your goals, we can work with you to move in that direction. We provide assessment and consultation followed up with recommendations and application services to improve the health, vitality, and productivity of your land.

Our Consulting and Land Assessments feature:

  • pasture walks, emphasizing dynamics of plant diversity, soil biology, insect and wildlife interactions.
  • proposals of services for transitioning from chemical to natural, chemical-free pasture/prairie growing systems
  • examining microbes, soil, and insect dynamics for grass fed beef operations
  • soil tests using Albrecht base saturation information and in-house microbial quality evaluation

Our Biological and Organic Fertility Services and recommendations are designed to:

  • restore pasture and prairie lands to healthy grazing systems based on native grasses
  • build soil life in pasture and prairie lands for wildlife health and diversity
  • improve drought tolerance and overall resilience of your natural systems by holding more carbon and water in your soils

By working with you, your goals and your land and doing our observations and varied testing methods, we formulate custom blends of soil microbes, humus and nutrients to match the plants that you want to grow.  

The SGTX Basic Solutions are the extraction of Liquid Compost Extract (LCE) as either a Bio-Augmentation Mix™ or Bio-Stimulation Mix™ and the SGTX Dry Mineral Mix™.

SGTX considers these soil amendments essential in building natural, functioning ecosystems.

To get started and discover how productive and healthy your land can become, call Betsy or Brian to schedule a consultation.