Our Vision:

Working to heal the earth – one farm, one ranch, one yard, one ball field, one roadside, one park, one watershed – at a time.

Mission Statement:

We help customers care for their land by restoring and feeding life in the soil. Our goal is to set up and support a functioning ecosystem that promotes healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy animals and healthy people.We use sustainable, natural methods to do this work. No synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides are used.


Core Paradigm:

There’s nothing bad in nature. Everything has a purpose (even if we don’t understand it, we don’t have to kill it). All organisms need air, water, food and shelter. We want everything coming up out of the ground to return to the ground. We want life, life, life above and below the ground, moving energy through all the environment’s trophic levels. Weeds are helpers and provide insight and feedback. Insects are valued inhabitants of the community. Our cultural practices should support our paradigm.



  • are a Texas family-owned for-profit business operating as an LLC; managed by 3 full time owners;
  • augment and stimulate life in the soil;
  • are led by extended family who are highly respected knowledge managers and employees;
  • have offices in Granger, Austin and Houston.

We are available to actually come to your land (yard or land – nothing too large) and provide evaluations and custom crafted programs and services that synchronize your goals, plans, and actual work for your specific spot.

Who We Are:

We are the SGTX Team that can help steward and conserve land resources – using living, natural, holistic and sustainable ecological systems. Our founders and managing core are the Ross and Builta families but gifted, very knowledgeable persons have also joined the team.

Our Core Values:

  • Honesty and Integrity: We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.
  • High Quality Products and Service: We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to selling and delivering high quality products and services.
  • Creating meaningful relationships: We believe that the relationships we create are meaningful and important for the parties involved.
  • Willing to learn, teach, and create change: We are excited about opportunities to learn and share our knowledge to create change in our Industry.
  • Respect for Mother Nature: We respect the earth and the gifts surrounding us and intend to leave the earth better than we found it.
  • Teamwork: Our team is supportive of each other’s efforts, loyal to one another, and care for each other both personally and professionally.
  • Belief in Natural/Biological Systems: We believe in a natural and/or biological system that helps to create a functioning ecosystem.

What We Do:

Soil life is Mother Nature’s preferred system to manage the activities ‘below-ground’ in order that ‘above-ground’ plants, creatures, environments and systems can function in a healthy, sustainable manner. We help you with your ‘living soil’ journey by evaluating the condition of your land; synchronize your goals and cultural practices of land care; provide ‘on-land/farm’ programs-plans, application services and products. Specifically, we:

  • Visit your site to assess, test and evaluate soil health and to understand your goals.
  • Propose soil fertility plans for your approval.
  • Provide custom blended application services and needed products for your site via your customized program.
  • Monitor your site both formally and informally at least annually.
  • Set up on-farm research programs.
  • Continuously monitor new studies in our industry.
  • Update our programs continually as we learn from our expanding client base.
  • Continue to develop products that are used in our core business – liquid applications.
  • Present merits and methods of managing living soils to interested groups.
  • Maintain website that informs and presents core concepts of living soil environments and cultural practices needed.
  • Source and use only high quality ingredients in our custom blends.
  • Enhance customer networking and marketing by having field days, hosting grazing clubs, and sharing marketing opportunities within the network.

Why It Matters

Taking care of our land – stewardship – means many different things to many people. We believe that when it gets down to it, most everyone is trying to practice good land conservation and stewardship and do what they think is ‘right’ for the land and the environment.

Generally there are 2 different views or approaches:

  • Conventional methods, generally known as chemical. This is mainstream agriculture and horticulture. Typical practices include NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium) fertility, growing monocultures, GMO type crops, antibiotics to prevent sickness and disease, and, fast production schedules. Most of our support systems (leadership, education, and consultants) serve this type of land stewardship – both governmental and private businesses. We do not provide these services or products.
  • Living/organic/natural/sustainable/eco-farming systems begin with the premise that life in the soil is necessary to set up functioning eco systems that produce nutrient dense foods, create environments in which massive amounts of chemicals that have been pumped upon them can be broken apart, prevent destructive leaching of precious resources into our streams and waterways, that clean our water and air, that allow us to live in a less toxic system. Every piece of land is different. SGTX operates within this understanding of stewardship.

For a growing number of people, conventional ‘tried and true’ methods of managing and caring for our natural resources are no longer accepted as viable options. Many are looking for ‘natural, sustainable, and organic’ systems. However, they quickly realize that there is a dearth or lack of leadership and ‘on-the-land/yard’ experience and knowledge base available to help them. We can help fill that void.

With a strong sense of seeking the ‘natural’ stewardship path for themselves (as ranchers and homeowners), the founders of SGTX were thrust on an incredible journey of wonder, enrichment and awe of astonishing happenings when old ways (natural) of land stewardship were studied with new, non-chemical techniques and understandings. We have learned a great deal about natural systems (we call them functioning ecosystems) and as more people began to find their way to our door, we realized that our responsibility to share what we have learned increased. Out of this environment, SGTX was born.

Our journey (still ongoing, of course) was harder than yours needs to be. You do not have to start from scratch as we did. We now have an understanding of these systems, and how they all differ. We can provide the expertise and service you want and need.

Yes, it matters what you do on your land – small or large, rainy or dry, in a hurry or not. If you are looking for help, you’ve found us. We have been looking for you.