Texas’ Best Organic Lawn Care

Welcome to the best organic lawn care service in Houston and Austin, Texas!

We’re looking forward to helping you create a vibrant, lush, organic lawn from the soil, up. By working with our team, you can expect

  • A free initial soil consultation and assessment
  • Attentive service by courteous well-trained experts
  • Reduced watering costs over time
  • A safe environment for pollinators, pets, and people
  • A lawn that becomes more self-sustaining and resilient as it becomes healthier
  • Fertility treatments that improve the health of your lawn (not suppressing problems to re-emerge later)
  • Customized solutions tailored for your own patch of earth

To get started today, call Hunter: (512) 800-2964 for the Austin Area, or Clay: (936) 232-5739 for the Houston Area.

We evaluate your yard for free and give you a quote for natural soil fertility care for your yard.

For more information about our fertility programs and services, read on, here.